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'Breathe Easy' Ioniser & Essential Oil Diffuser

Price £30.00

This brilliant, compact room ioniser and essential oil diffuser produces billions of healthy negative ions every second to clear the air throughout a room of dust, pollen and smoke. This cleaning process does not depend on the air passing through a filter - it occurs as soon as pollutants are present in the air.

Whilst the ioniser is in operation, you also have the option to diffuse essential oil(s) at the same time. In just a couple of simple steps, create a therapeutic ambience at home or in the office to support your well-being. Simply sprinkle a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s) into the small, purple diffuser dish.

Mains operated 230/240V. Manufactured in the UK. Approx. size: 22cm(l) x 13cm(w) x 4cm(h)

Benefits of the ‘Breathe Easy’ include:
enjoy clean ionised air and the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils with one simple-to-use product
five high-output ionisation streams continuously produces billions of negative ions - continuously clearing dust, smoke, pollen from the air
the ioniser can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the essential oil diffuser function
avoids the use of candles and water when diffusing essential oils
avoids the use of synthetic fragrances in your home or office - kinder to you and the environment

'Breathe Easy' Ioniser & Essential Oil Diffuser

Enjoy the benefits of a ‘Breathe Easy’ room ioniser and diffuser in just a few simple steps:

1. position the Breathe Easy on a flat surface
2. once plugged in, the ioniser is activated (the ioniser can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the essential oil diffuser)
3. if using the essential oil diffuser function, select a low or high setting on the switch at the rear of the unit
4. having selected the essential oil diffuser function, the purple diffuser dish will warm up gently
5. place 2-6 drops of essential oil(s) - depending on your mood - directly into the purple diffuser dish
6. the essential oils' aroma will start to infuse your surroundings, creating wonderfully relaxing, revitalising or uplifting atmosphere depending on the essential oils that you have selected.

Check out this quick video guide on how to use the 'Breathe Easy':

Care and maintenance: gently wipe outer unit with a slightly dampened cloth. The purple diffuser dish can be removed and cleaned by pressing down lightly with your thumb on its rear edge.

Advice: before using the Breathe Easy for the first time, please do take a moment to read the manufacturer's helpful User Guide that is enclosed with the product. Do contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.

'Breathe Easy' Ioniser & Essential Oil Diffuser

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