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100% Beeswax Ball Candle (7.5 cm)

Price £10.00
Handmade from selected raw beeswax that's been filtered and, without additives, crafted into this stylish 100% beeswax candle.

Brought to us by 'Dipam'.

Approx.burn-time: 15 hrs

Why you'll love this 100% beeswax candle?:
it's free from any artificial fragrances & additives
the candle does not produce toxic by-products when burned
it has a cotton wick
beeswax candles are naturally dripless when used properly
radiates a soft, warm glow when lit - with a very gentle, natural scent
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100% Beeswax Ball Candle (7.5 cm)

As when using any type of candle, care and attention needs to be used:

- Never leave a burning candle unattended.
- Never place burning candles near curtains, other flammable objects, children or pets.
- Place a candle in an upright position in a non-flammable holder. Make sure the candle is placed in an adequate way and cannot fall over.
- Do†not place candles in a draft and the wick should not be longer than 1 cm. Otherwise the candle will probably smoke, flicker or drip.
- Do not place a candle close to a heat source or another candle.
- Do not extinguish a candle with water. Use, preferably, a snuffer.
- Do not place a burnt match or other†materials in the candle. It may cause a second flame which results in the candle not burning the right way.†

100% Beeswax Ball Candle (7.5 cm)

100% Beeswax. With cotton wick.
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